Can I work from Home?

Working from Home with SuperView

20 March 2020

First off we realise many users of SuperView will be struggling to find (new) work - we sympathise and share that problem.

Can I work from Home ?

The quick answer - Yes

You may use SuperView on as many suitable machines as you wish located where ever you wish.

This is because SuperView is licensed per user not per machine. The one proviso is that you have the USB dongle attached to that machine.

We also recommend the design file(s) are kept on that machine and if necessary are transferred using a Cloud drive or email.

If you need help setting up a "home" machine please see our support pages and if necessary email or phone.

If instead you are having a facility setup so you can operate the computer and hence program remotely that is also covered by the license. The program will not allow multiple simultaneous uses but in the current circumstances two or more separate users sharing the one computer remotely is permissible. (Please note we cant help in setting up this sort of setup)

There are more notes and information here

If you have any other specific requirements or suggestions please let us know and we will consider them.

Other Software

Other companies licenses may be more complex whether they are office productivity tools or whatever.

Going Forward

We will keep this website updated for other news related to SuperView especially in this Corvid-19 environment.

Keep Safe - and All the best from M'n'G designs.