SuperView and Windows 8

Microsoft's Windows 8


Microsoft released Windows 8 in late October 2012.

The two major versions are Windows 8 (an upgraded to Windows 7) and Windows 8 RT for mobiles (ie tablets).

Windows 8 RT will only be available with a tablet and is NOT compatible with Windows 7 or programs based on the Windows desktop like SuperView

M'n'G designs and Windows 8

In the real world SuperView25R is working well on Windows 8

However each new operating system from Microsoft creates new challenges for Software companies both to ensure their products run well and take advantage of new features. Microsoft's newest operating system Windows 8 is no exception, especially with its new Tile (aka Metro) interface.

We are currently assessing whether a version targeting Windows 8 RT would be useful - so if you have any views please let us know.

We have released a version of SuperView 25 via electronic distribution with a few tweaks to suit Windows 8 and we will continue to test our system to ensure our customers have a system that runs well on the new platform.

Users of M'n'G designs SuperView21 or earlier should upgrade to SuperView25 if they intend to use Windows 8 (or Windows 7).

Windows 8 Hardware

Windows 8 is designed to include support for touchscreen hardware and a range of such hardware is becoming available including unusually from Microsoft.

As these slate or tablet machines features become clearer we will release a version suited to their special features but the main version of SuperVIew will work on these machines.

It should be noted some of these machines use Windows 8 RT and that is not suitable for SuperView or any other Windows desktop program.