SuperView and Windows 8

Microsoft's Windows 8 prerelease info

July 17th 2012

Today Microsoft has announced the release date for Windows 8

It is understood both versions will be released on Friday 26th October 2012

The two major versions are Windows 8 (an upgraded to Windows 7) and Windows 8 RT for mobiles.

Windows 8 RT will only be available with a phone or tablet and is NOT compatible with Windows 7 or programs based on Windows 7

Microsoft Slate and Windows 8

Unusually Microsoft have also announced their own hardware for Windows 8 called Slate.

It is in a tablet format with an optional snap on keyboard and will be available in two forms, one for Windows 8 RT and one for the full 'desktop' version. Only the second version is compatible with SuperView 25 and that version will not be launched until after Windows 8 which would suggest a release date in early 2013.

Of course other manufacturers will be producing their own hardware to go with Windows 8 so hopefully there will be a range of interesting and useful hardware aimed especially at Windows 8.

M'n'G designs and Windows 8

Update 2013 - we suggest using SV25 ver 7,1,0,7 or later on Windows 8 but the following is true

M'n'G designs position on Windows 8 is as was stated in April 2012:-

Each new operating system from Microsoft creates new challenges for Software companies both to ensure their products run well and take advantage of new features. Microsoft's newest operating system Windows 8 is no exception, especially with its new Metro interface.

We are currently assessing whether a version targetting Windows 8 RT would be useful - so if you have any views please let us know.

M'n'G designs current system runs well on Windows 7 & Vista and our current testing has shown no serious problems with the pre release versions of Windows 8. We will continue to test our system, especially as the actual release code becomes available to ensure our customers have a system that runs well on the new platform. However, as has been the case for previous new versions of Windows, we anticipate releasing a version with some adjustments to work well with Windows 8's new features.

Users of M'n'G designs SuperView21 or earlier should upgrade to SuperView25 if they intend to use Windows 8 (or Windows 7).