SuperView and Windows 8.1

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 pre-release info

July 2013

Microsoft are releasing a revised version of Windows 8 called Windows 8.1 (aka Blue). There is a preview version already available and the full release should follow later in the year.

The features are very similar to Windows 8 but they have tidied up some of the user interface especially for users used to Windows 7 and before.

Many of the changes to Windows 8.1 are to do with the Start and Desktop screens rather than the underlying OS. In general these changes should help users changing from Windows 7 or XP to adapt far more easily. Certainly the shock of no "Start Menu" is much reduced.

 Our recent versions of SuperView25 (7,1,0,7 and later) work well on Windows 8 and also on Windows 8.1

There are a few details that have changed relating to Desktop program tiles but these are not serious especially if the All Apps View is used.

We will continue to check SV25 against the preview version and the release version, when it becomes available, but we do not anticipate a special release being required. 

Users of M'n'G designs SuperView21 or earlier should upgrade to SuperView25 if they intend to use Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 7.