SuperView and Windows 11 - prerelease info

SuperView and Microsoft Windows 11 - prerelease info

June 2021 (revised 25th June)

In early June Microsoft were publicly dropping strong hints that there would be a new "version" of Windows to replace Windows 10.

They have now released information in to the public realm at their event on the 24th June.

The following is based on our understanding of that information and may change.

Early information

Microsoft are planning a faster release schedule than many previous changes of operating system and are promising a free upgrade for machines that are running Windows 10 AND met certain eligibility criteria and specifications. Some existing machines will meet that specifications but many wont and may not be able to be changed to suit (e.g. a reasonably new processor, BIOS is no longer supported and a TPM module is required). They have released a utility that allows a user to test their specific machine.

Microsoft's website(s) are the best source of information . 

Windows 11 has new features and a new look but is not a major rewrite of the internals. So Windows 10 compatible software stands a good chance of running on Windows 11 but may not take advantage of the new features or new look.

Upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 on existing hardware at this stage is not recommended - let someone else find the problems! However using the utility to determine whether the upgrade is possible makes sense

Impact on SuperView 25

If you are running the latest versions of SuperView 25 on Windows 10 - that will continue to work. In fact any previously working setup involving SuperView will be unaffected by the new version of Windows unless that setup is upgraded to Windows 11.

We anticipate little problem running SuperView 25 on Windows 11 but real setups in the real world sometimes show problems that are not initially obvious. For example the new look may not work well with a particular screen at a particular resolution. At this stage any impact on SuperView and related products is not clear but we intended to keep a version of SuperView available on this new version of Windows. We may well release a version intended to get the best out of the new features of Windows 11.

We currently suggest users do not upgrade an existing setup that includes SuperView to Windows 11 as there is no known advantage to SuperView. If for some other reason you wish to upgrade; please check with us first so we can let you know the latest information about SuperView 25 on Windows 11.

Impact on Windows 10

Previously Microsoft had stated that Windows 10 would simply evolve as a service and be the last version of Windows. However there is now an official date for the end of Mainstream Support of Windows 10 Home and Pro and related parts of the14 Oct 2025.

The end of Mainstream support does not mean the product will stop working rather that Microsoft will no longer release new features. Microsoft have continued to issue security updates for many of their products after that products end of Mainstream Support especially versions of Windows itself. So this change will be unlikely to have any real impact on existing setups for a good few years after 2025.

There are also special licenses for many Microsoft products that are long term licenses with long term support and there are version of Windows 10 that have these licenses (LTSC) However they are rare in all but large Enterprises. If you or your IT department do not know you have one of these you probably dont!

We will update our information as more details become available.