SuperView and Windows 10 updates

SuperView and Microsoft Windows 10
Spring 2018 Update (1803)*

Late April 2018

Microsoft is releasing another update to Windows 10 initially called Spring Creators Update but now renamed April 2018 Update, it is also know by the number 1803

As with previous updates to Windows 10 this is a free update from Microsoft and makes some further alterations but essentially is an incremental update compared to the previous versions of Windows 10.

It is a little early to be certain but in general updating to this version seems reasonable and for many users will happen automatically.

However Microsoft have made some internal changes that impact some setups - please read on!

There is a matching Windows 10S, as before this does not support "desktop apps" such as SuperView


Our very latest SuperView 25-Rplus (ie 7.2.x) is designed to run well on Windows 10, however some internal changes to Windows 10 mean only those very latest version run. So please contact us preferably before upgrading Windows 10 (1803)

To be clear, our testing on pre-release versions of Windows 10 (1803) found a problem and we have created a version of SuperView that works on this new version of Windows 10.

So if your version of SuperView is or later you should have no problems (a change to the setup maybe required) but otherwise you need to contact us.

This version also works well on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

SuperView21 and prior versions

We will not be testing these versions and strongly recommend users upgrade to SuperView 25

There are many benefits as well as the compatibility.

*Windows 10 names/numbers

Each major update to Windows 10 has a version number (eg 1803) that indicates the year and (approx) month of release.(eg 2018 March). Microsoft also use a name but in this case that was initially Spring Creators Update but has changed to April 2018 Update. So the version is the more reliable and can be found on the Windows Settings, About screen (you may have to scroll down to see)