SuperView and Windows 10

SuperView and Microsoft Windows 10 pre-release info

September 2014

Microsoft have announced the next version of Windows. They are calling it Windows 10

There is a technology preview version for developers etc but the version aimed at end users is possibly as much as a year away. The preview version is subject to changes.

There are some major changes to Windows 10 including "bringing back" the Start Menu but the underlying desktop operating system is thought to be quite similar to Windows 8/8.1 and 7.

Although they appear to be aiming for Windows 10 to run on a very wide range of devices (eg phones, tablets, laptops, desktops) the features will not be identical on all devices and the desktop (from Windows 7 etc) is highly unlikely to be available on phones or some tablets.

It is too early to be sure if there will be any major changes that will affect SuperView but as always we will test the system and produce a version suitable for the new version of Windows. Our initial target will be the versions that support a desktop "similar" to Windows 7 (and hence Windows 8).

Users of versions of SuperView prior to SuperView 25 should upgrade to SV25 for the smoothest transition to Windows 10. 

Windows 10?

For marketing and other reasons Microsoft seem to have skipped Windows 9