SuperView and Windows 10

SuperView and Microsoft Windows 10 - Release

30th July 2015

Microsoft's Windows 10 has now been released (10.0.10240).

This version has most of the features in the previews and overall Windows 10 does look to be a useful upgrade especially for users who find Windows 8s tiled interface and other new features confusing. This is because the new interface includes the "familiar" Start button - there are changes cf Windows 7 but these are relatively minor or clear enhancements.

If you are buying a new machine and are not already used to Windows 8, Widows 10 is far preferable.

If you are considering upgrading an existing machine then again this seems reasonable. However it should be taken into consideration that even if 99.9% of upgrades go smoothly that still means you could be an unlucky one. Data backups are essential.

We strongly suggest you check the internet for problems with your exact model and configuration, especially if it is a laptop. Also check any peripherals like printers and scanners.

If you have a working system there is little benefit in rushing to Windows 10 - let someone else take the risks. Also devices with small capacity drives may have to do a more complex install However Microsoft have announced a time limited free upgrade for many Windows 7 and Windows 8 users.


We have tested our current release of SuperView25 (7.1.x) on Windows 10.0.10240 and currently can find no serious issues.

Some quirks may be thrown up but we expect these to be limited and specific to particular hardware configurations.

We will also introduce new or revised features to suit Windows 10.

We do not intend to test every version of SuperView 25 but whatever the results we will not support versions of SuperView prior to 7.1.x. please call if you have a version of SuperView 25 and have some problems.

Users of SuperView 25 versions above should check (please call) if they are entitled to an update (this may not be necessary or be a time limited offer)

SuperView21 and prior versions

We will not be testing these versions and strongly recommend users upgrade to SuperView 25

There are many benefits as well as the compatibility.