SuperView and Windows 10- a Year on

SuperView and Microsoft Windows 10

30th July 2016

Microsoft's Windows 10 had been updated with an Anniversary Edition - and the free upgrade offer has finished.

The Anniversary Edition is a free update to existing Windows 10 installations and makes some further alterations but essentially is an incremental update compared to the previous versions of Windows 10. For example the Start Menu has been further revised so the list of Apps now "always" shows rather than needing "Show All Apps" to be selected.

Although a few issues have been reported in general updating to this version seems reasonable and for some users will happen automatically.


Recent releases of SuperView25-R (ie 7.1.x) run well on most Windows 10 setups.

We will introduce new and revised features to suit Windows 10 especially on touch and high DPI machines.

We do not intend to test previous version of SuperView but whatever the results we will not support versions of SuperView 25 prior to 7.1.x. please call if you have a version of SuperView and have some problems.

Users of SuperView 25-R versions above should check (please call) if they are entitled to an update (this may not be necessary or may be a time limited offer)

SuperView21 and prior versions

We will not be testing these versions and strongly recommend users upgrade to SuperView 25

There are many benefits as well as the compatibility.