Corvid-19 Virus

Corvid-19 and M'n'G designs

16 March 2020

The world wide Corvid-19 pandemic seems likely to affect a very large number of people and businesses - obviously that includes M'n'G designs Ltd.

We have plans in hand so, if necessary, we can "close" the offices and work "from home". Although this may affect the business, the service we can provide to existing customers will probably hardly be affected. However there may be some disruption whilst we make the change over. So we ask you to please be more patient at this time.

Please continue to use the same methods of contacting us e.g. email and phone or the forms on the Contact page of this site.

If items do need delivering by post or similar please ensure you confirm what address to use etc before posting to our offices.

Similarly if you need us to send you items that cant be distributed electronically please make sure you know how we can send them - especially suitable addresses.

If there are any general changes to these arrangements we will post them on this website.

We do have a twitter account @MnGCAD but we currently do not intend to use this as a communication mechanism - please use email or phone calls, leaving a message if necessary. However we may post the occasional message especially if the other mechanisms are disrupted.

All the best from M'n'G designs.