Launch Offer

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April 2011

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SuperView25 - launch offer - this offer has expired!

To celebrate the launch of SuperView25 M'n'G designs are offering a very special time limited package.

Superview 25 for Kitchens and Bedrooms or Kitchens and Bathrooms

for only 4 payments of £150 each (plus VAT)

This is NOT a cut-down or restricted version - its SuperView25 Gold

However it is a time limited offer - the first payment must be received before 14 May 2011.


The offer is for the full Gold version of SuperView25 for Kitchens, Bedroom or Bathrooms.

Mobility options and quotation options are not included but can be added

Orders and first payment must be placed before the 14 May 2011

Payments by credit or debit card, staged over 4 monthly payments (e.g. 14 May , 14 June , 14 July and 14 August  2011) each of £150+VAT

Each payment must clear by the indicated date ie authorised by the card issuer, other forms of payment must clear in to our account

Provided there are no outstanding payments the license will be considered a normal SuperView25 Gold and the benefits will be the same as for other SuperView licenses including support, upgrades etc.

After the 14th May the program will be sold at £1299+VAT (the same as SuperView21)

For full terms and conditions please contact us