April-May 2016

SuperView25-Rplus Edition

What is it ? - SuperView 25-R with focus on Windows 10.

We have taken our existing SuperView 25-R with the reflection effects etc. and added various additions and alterations to suit Windows 10 tablets, 2 in 1s and high resolution screens.

Screens now use a newer font that suits a wider range of displays and we automatically adjust many dialogs to be as large as reasonable on a display. We have also adjusted many controls and menus to better suit the use of touch as well as mice and keyboards.  Overall this gives a better feel when on both high resolution screens and 2 in 1s.

This version is the one we intend to be used with Windows 10 so for the best Windows 10 and SuperView experience update today.

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SuperView25-Rplus is version 7.2.xx whilst SuperView25-R was version 7.1.xx