SV25-Pocket Edition

April-May 2015

SuperView25-Pocket Edition

What is it ? - SuperView 25 but for Tablets.

To compliment the range of inexpensive (dare way say cheap) Windows 8 tablets now available we are launching a version specially tailored to their features.

These Windows Tablets offer the facilities of full Microsoft Windows but in a highly portable and inexpensive form.

To get the best out of the tablets we have adjusted our flag ship SuperView 25R but like the machines themselves this is not a restricted cut down version.

This new pocket edition is being launched at a special low price so paired with a suitable Windows 8 tablet you may well get change from £500 (ex VAT)

For detailed information please check our pages specifically mentioning Windows 8 Tablets

Have a look at our great pictures

Overall there is now a version of SuperView25 to suit both your needs and your budget.