SuperView and Windows 7

Microsoft's Windows 7 launch

23rd October 2009

Yesterday Microsoft officially launched their new operating system Windows 7. This is a replacement for their previous system Windows Vista.

So far it seems to be a very promising system and is getting a good reception from the technical press unlike their last system Windows Vista!

However each new operating system from Microsoft creates new challenges for Software companies both to ensure their products run well and take advantage of new features. Microsoft's newest operating system Windows 7 is no exception.

M'n'G designs current system runs well on Windows Vista and has had no problems with Windows 7 during our testing. We will continue to test our system, especially against the actual release version(s) and how they behave in the 'real' world, to ensure our customers have a system that runs well on the new platform. Overall we believe our system can very definitely be described as "Windows 7 compatible".

 We will also develop a system that will take advantage of relevant improvements and changes in the operating system.

Users of M'n'G designs software prior to SuperView21 Chromatic (5,2,x,x) should upgrade if they intend to use Windows 7.