SuperView and Netbooks

SuperView21 and Netbooks - designed for each other!

Currently the most popular class of new portable computers is the Netbook. These light weight, highly portable yet affordable machines suit SuperView21 so very well, that it would seem that they have been designed to go together! Paired together they provide an affordable, flexible and fast system to present and so sell fitted furniture designs to clients.

SuperView has always been designed to use with the potential customer rather than been hidden away in the back office. Netbooks light weight mean they can easily be carried just about anywhere and passed to the client for them to view.

SuperView has always been aimed at average power machines and Netbooks meet these requirements and give reasonable battery life. The graphics chip in a Netbook is quite low power but suits SuperView just fine.

SuperView has always been designed to use with the keyboard either with or without using the mouse.

Netbooks - what are they ?

They look like the ultra light weight portables of a few years ago but at a very reasonable price (£300-£400). A large number of manufacturers are producing models so there is a lively and competitive market.

There is no absolute definition of a Netbook but they are portables that tend to use a low power (by today's standards) processor and a small (by today's standards) screen. Versions running Microsoft's Windows and using a hard disk are suitable for SuperView21. (please check hardware requirements for precise details)

Whats new ?

SuperView 21 has been tweaked to be even easier to use with a Netbook and its small screen. For example there is now a 'full screen' mode for the plan making it even easier to see details on smaller screens (ver 5,2,1,0). Similarly there are some adjustments to the short cut keys to improve access to features on Netbook keyboards.

We can provided the software on a USB memory key rather than a CD as many Netbooks do not have a CD drive (a small extra charge maybe applied)