SV21 Chromatic released


SuperView21 Chromatic

More Colours

June 2008 -- M'n'G designs Ltd. are announcing their newest version of SuperView21 - Chromatic.

Following the growing fashion to use colours as a major design feature we have produce a new version to suit. By allowing a number of different coloured furniture items to be used in a single design this SuperView Chromatic version provides designer with the flexibility they require.

SuperView Chromatic improves on the Gold versions ability to have feature door styles, so that items can easily have different colours independently of the door style. This increased flexibility is both fast & easy to use via "Colour Sets" so a group of items can be simply changed at once.

This version also brings together various other new features previewed in SuperView21plus such as:-

  • Multiple 3D images with the scale plan to produce one high impact presentation on the the same printed page (A3 or A4)
  • Play back gallery of alternate views/options created for the client.
  • Improved Snippets and Free Form units.
  • Improved room wizard to speed entry of 'empty' room even further.
  • Improved 'point & click', 'drag & drop' and 'snap' facilities
  • etc etc.

SuperView Chromatic replaces the Gold version of SuperView21plus and is available at the same great value price (e.g. SuperView Chromatic Kitchens and Bedrooms £1299 + VAT)

Existing SuperView21 Gold users can upgrade click for details