Office Phone system changes

Office Phone system

May 2020 (updated and completed)

We are changing our phone system. These changes should help us provide a more flexible service but essentially the main contact number is unchanged 0161 477 0700

Unfortunately when the national lock down was announced these changes were part way through being implemented by our phone provider but fortunately this has not greatly affected our ability to take and make calls.

Switch Over

We have now been informed that the changes should be fully implemented with the current date being 12th May (well over a month after we had originally expected)

This final stage will cause, a hopefully, brief interruption to our ability to take or make calls on 0161 477 0700. We have been told during the interruption a caller will receive a "number not available/recognised" style of message. We will still be able to receive emails so please email

So please use that or call later. Apparently the length of the interruption is likely to be brief but could be a few hours.

Thank you for your patience


The main changes have now been completed so calling our main number 0161 477 0700 should again reach us at M'n'G. Obviously we are still working under the restrictions of lockdown but most facilities are now available however there maybe a few teething problems !

Keep Safe - and All the best from M'n'G designs.