Microsoft support for Windows 7

Microsoft's withdrawal of Windows 7 support

October 2019

Microsoft are now sending users notifications that their support for Windows 7 will end in early 2020 (which is over 10 years since its launch).

This means they will no longer create security or other patches for Windows 7. They stopped developing the operating system a good while ago.

This does not mean that a system running Windows 7 will suddenly stop working in early 2020

However security issues could cause problems "at anytime" and new software and hardware (not just Microsoft's) may not support Windows 7. So for example a replacement printer may not work because there are no suitable drivers.

It is possible updates to software either from Microsoft or others will not work - it depends on the author/publusher.


If you have a Windows 7 system running a version of SuperView it should continue to work in the short-medium term.

However we can not guarantee this as security issues not being patched can cause unexpected problems.  

We intend to continue to support SuperView25 on Windows 7 for as long as is practical but we can not give open ended promises relating to upgrades to SuperView25 and especially new versions of SuperView.

We suggest you consider upgrading to the latest version of SuperView 25 as soon as practical, that way if your Windows 7 system stops working you will be able to use that version of SuperView immediately on a replacement Windows 10 system. (Simply install and connect the dongle)

In the meantime we strongly recommend ensuring you have backups of all of your data in a form that can be loaded on to Windows 10 and you keep those current.