SuperView Chromatic Enhancements

More Features in SuperView Chromatic

June 2009

The Chromatic version of SuperView was created to provide even more flexibility in the colours and materials used in a design. M'n'G designs have now added more features to make the package even more useful and easy to use.

New Items

M'n'G designs often add new drawing items to the program to provide the features designers require. Recently a large number of items have been added or improved in the Bathroom module. So for example there are now even more options for shower heads, whether large 'rain' style or more traditional styles. Similarly the glass shower screens have been enhanced to mirror the current trend for stylish screens with few visible supports or frames.

Improved Features

The plan now gives improved indication of when items 'foul' openings (e.g. doors and windows) whilst still allowing very quick and easy entry of items. So designers can still use their skill and judgement to assess problems but are provided with reminders of potential problems.

There is more power and flexibility when adding pictures to the plan.

Drag and Drop features on the design grid have been increased so items can be more easily moved or swapped in the design.