21 Years of M'n'G designs Ltd

25 Years

M'n'G designs Ltd is now 25

January 2010

With the start of the new decade M'n'G designs Ltd is also celebrating its 25th year producing software for the Kitchen fitted furniture market!

Back in 1985 we produced affordable 3D design software for Kitchens running on the Apricot range of machines. By modern standards the hardware was primitive but even so our software could be used to quickly and easily produce 3D drawings of kitchen designs.

Back then the pictures were monochrome line drawings but they still enabled kitchen designers to show their potential customers an understandable picture rather than a complex scale plan.

Over the years the hardware has improved immeasurably allowing us to produce quality 3D colour renderings that still appear very quickly.

M'n'G designs has been providing 3D Kitchen software working on affordable PCs in the UK for longer than anyone else. Today our software covers a wide range of products all offering 3D renderings to aid the clients understanding.

During these many years we have always targeted an easy to use, affordable system that allows our users to give their clients the service that they require - an understandable and attractive presentation of a proposal for a room. We have also always aimed to provide an inexpensive system giving great value for money.

Our service and support has always been one of the best  - we believe our software is good enough to not require continuous support - so we have never charged support fees.

We at M'n'G designs have enjoyed the first 25 years and intend to continue to develop our unique software for many years to come -