2020-Fusion to be phased out

Other News - 2020-Fusion CAD to be phased out

9 March 2023

It has recently been announced by Cyncly Group (the publishers of 2020-Fusion CAD) that they will be phasing out 2020-Fusion CAD.

If you are a user of that product you should contact them for information on how they are expecting you to deal with this announcement. and its consequences.

A potted History.

Planit's CAD system originally worked on Apple IIs and was one of the early Kitchen CAD packages produced in the UK.

They later produced an Apple Mac version but then switched over completely to the IBM PC/Windows style of computer. More recently the product was merged with the Canadian company 2020's CAD system and 2020-Fusion was produced

 More recently still that company merged with CompuSoft. Now the combined company, Cyncly Group, have decided to stop developing 2020-Fusion and in their words "will be phasing out the ability to continue with Fusion"

This implies the Planit "family" of CAD packages has come to its end.

This means MnG designs CAD software is now clearly the longest running UK based 3D Kitchen CAD software system.