Data Protection

Data Protection

M'n'G designs products are aimed at businesses providing a design service to their clients (ie Business2Business) and as such the data we gather either via the website forms or otherwise is of customers or potential customers who are businesses. However some users maybe sole-traders or similar and so some of their data may also be personal data. We regard all data collected as "private" between us and the relevant business.

We only use any data gathered as a means of contacting the user and providing support and directly related services for our products. We will never supply this data to other businesses or users without obtaining specific permission on a case by case basis (statutory requirements may require us to supply info to the relevant bodies).

If you supply M'n'G designs with data that is also personal (eg private address or email) please let us know.


If we use an agent in the (potential) user's location we will pass enough information on to that agent to allow them to contact the user and discuss their needs. We will try our best to ensure that the agent meets the local data protection rules as well as ensuring the data transferred complies to GDPR regulations.


SuperView 25 asks you to register your software, however that is optional. As part of that procedure it asks for a few details (eg business address) that you may consider private. If so please let us know before supplying the specific information. (The form generated can be seen in "plain" text before it is sent)

Other Data

Our software does not gather information on the business (except when registering) but users should be aware that the design programs allows them to collect data of their clients (please read SuperView data for more info). In all cases no data is gathered automatically.

Reviewing and Removing Personal Data

We do not provide our users data to another businesses etc whether that data is solely business data or a mixture.

However if you wish to request we provided a copy of the personal data we have on you and/or request we remove personal data please email with your request. We may need to keep some or all of the business data.

If a business makes an enquiry as a potential customer but then decides not to proceed we will treat their data in the same way as a customer.

If an individual user leaves a business they may request to view and remove any personal data we may have collected whilst they were at that business but they will not be allowed to review any data relating specifically to the business or other individuals at the business.


This website does not use Cookies

This website is for information on M'n'G designs products and services so we do not use an advertising "service" to provide (unwanted) adverts of other businesses products.

Currently we do not need cookies to "tailor your user experience"

We currently do not use a web tracking system (that uses cookies) to track your movements within our website.

Although we may change our usage in the future we intend to always avoid tracking any personal information (including full IP address) and will inform website-viewers when/if a change is made to this policy.


User             The business, no matter what size, using our software or considering purchasing our software.

 Individual user    An individual using the software for a business, who maybe an employee, business owner, sole - trader etc

Client           The customer or potential customer of the user of our software

Customer    The user or potential user of our software